Gudauri is a perfect place to start your freeride adventure or to improve your skills. Huge fields with almost no trees and rocks make it a perfect playground for beginners. It’s relatively safe comparing to other resorts when it comes to avalanches. Season starts in mid December and usually lasts till mid April (sometimes till May), statistically you can count on 30 "powder days" throughout the whole season. Terrain is easily reached from the resort and you will find many places with untouched snow even days after the last snowfall.

Freeride in Gudauri

3 – day freeride school

Freeride school is to introduce you freeriding issues such as how to use your probe, shovel and beacon, what should you carry in your backpack, or how to ride different terrain, in different snow conditions and how to safely choose your line.

Day 1
Introduction, improving your riding technique (foto&video coaching), what should freerider carry in his backpack, offpiste riding on the resort

Freeride in Gudauri

Day 2
Improving your riding skills, explaining how to choose your line, safety spots, practical usage of probe, shovel and transceiver, riding offpiste at the resort

Day 3
Backcountry programme with Snow Lab Gudauri guides, one of the most popular routes – Kobi valley, Bidara mountain, getting to know how to work in group. Improving your riding skills and checking what you have learned in the previous days in real freeriding situations.

Freeride Camp

Freeride in Gudauri

Gudauri Freeride Camp will have it’s fifth anniversary this year. This is the perfect option to get know how to ride offpiste and meet like – minded people. The 9 days of riding formula proved to be working for the last years and here is what you can expect:

Day 1
Arrival. Getting to know other campers, guides and schedule. Equipment check, possibility to rent new gear. Welcome party

Day 2
First day at the resort. Photo or video coaching to improve riding technique. Riding along resort

Freeride in Gudauri

Day 3
Avalanche safety training – how to properly use your beacon, how to safely choose your line, riding in the group. Offpiste shreding in the resort

Day 4
Freeriding with local guides, starting with the most famous and playful Gudauri route – Kobi valley

Day 5
Freeriding with local guides, Bidara mountain

Day 6
Freeriding with local guides, Khade valley. Shashlik party

Freeride in Gudauri

Day 7
A trip to Lomisi monastery with local guides. Freeriding and spiritual experience – this is the highest located georgian monastery where you will be able to meet real monks.

Day 8
Chilling at the resort, riding offpiste, improving riding skills. Tsar bani (russian bania) in the evening

Day 9
Freeriding with local guides. Millioni Valley.

Day 10
Riding at the resort or Tbilisi/Mccheta sightseeing. Traditional georgian Supra with dances and polyphonic singing in the evening.

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