Gudauri is the biggest and most developed ski resort in Georgia

Ski lifts

There is 6 chairlifts and one gondola. Some t-bars and baby lifts are also available. The bottom station of first ski lift Pirveli is at 1,990 m above sea level and the top station of the last ski lift Sadzele is at 3,279 m.


In Gudauri slopes are mostly well prepared, and some of them covered with snow guns. Lower slope is open for a night ride on Fridays and Saturdays. In total there is 50 - 70km of prepared slopes depend of the month and season

Location and climate

Gudauri is located on the little plato on the high of 1900 - 2200 m above sea level, and 120km away from The capital - Tbilisi. Thanks to dry climate snow last here from December till late April. High of the resort may surprise. Happens that one may land in Kutaisi where temperature is 15 degree, while in Gudauri -5 degree!

Skipass prices


Probably Gudauri has one of the lowest ski pass prices compare to quality and length of slopes! What is more, here you may never find lines to the lifts


Ski resort was founded 1975-85 for sportiness and authorities of the communist party. At 80’ Austrians athletes found Gudauri as a great place for backcountry and we need to say - they were right! 2008-2012 administration of former president Saakashvili built couple new lifts. Newest lift operate from 2016/17 season